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Rory Allardice has just put up this outstanding video of some Otago Rivers. It's one of the best edits that I've seen of local river in a very long time. It's very much worth the watch and showcases Cumec's own backyard run the Manuherikia at a variety of flows.

Every River Every Where - A video Adrian Kiernan Tasmanian Paddler and regular Cumec Magazine contributor Adrian Kiernan has just launched a new online video project titled "Every River, Every Where". The first video in the series sees Adrian joining fellow Aussie Riley Best, Kiwis Jamie Garrod and Josh Neilson, token Canadian Kiwi Tyler Fox and Canadian Dave Farkas for a descent of the North Fork of the San Joaquin river in California. It's a five minute showcase of the good times shared and the hard yards walked to earn a descent in the high sierras.


Peak river from Shane Pennicuik on Vimeo.

There is currently a keen bunch of videographers accross Australia who are starting to show off the quality whitewater that has been hiding downunder. From Tasmania, to NSW, and North Queensland there are stunning runs just waiting for some more attention from the paddling world. To help promote this Aaron Gray has started a new website called to showcase the best of Australian Whitewater through an online video magazine.

This clip features the Peak River in NSW and it looks quite tasty. Head on over to the Huck It website and check out a few more runs from around Australia.

I'm impressed by the committment to make this video;  stop motion lego freestyle. It's short but pretty damn cool.

Tenaya Creek Waterslide from on Vimeo.

We're back on NZ soil and aiming to have some frequent updates happening over the coming weeks/months. It feels great to be refreshed by some Northern Summer sun and river flows. We didn't find any stonking slides like this one in Turkey, but the crews in California have been hitting many of the big runs. Ben Brown and Ryan Lucas have been firing off some massive drops and keeping up with all the crazy Americanos.

Australian paddler James Rowlinson has been a bit quiet on the update front for the last year, but he has just released this quick video of some big wave surfing in Australia. There has been lots going on around the paddling world over the last few weeks, I'll try and get some updates online but we're currently in Turkey, so may get distracted.

UMC - California from Tomass Marnics on Vimeo.

The Sierra Nevada's in California have been holding on tight to the snow this year. With large crews from all over the world patiently waiting for the high Sierra runs it has been a few of the other runs getting some media treatment in the last couple of weeks. This flick features an ever enthusiastic Keith Riley introduction, before some great GoPro footage from Adidas team paddler Tomass Marnics.

Teva Mountain Games Update 3 FREESTYLE COMP from Rush Sturges on Vimeo.

The Teva Mountain Games have been running for the last four days in Vail, Colorado. The annual event is in it's tenth year of celebrating outdoor sports; kayaking, climbing, running, fly fishing, and more.

Team NZ has been in strong force at the event on and off the water, Mike Dawson tied with Honza Lasko to the hundreths of a second in the Steep Creek Race, while Nikki Kelly claimed a bronze. Then in the downriver race Mike took second place, and Nikki took first. There are still a few events to be finished in the coming hours (Sunday USA). We'll have some news on the event in the upcoming issue of Cumec (#14).

This short video shows Dane Jackson, Nick Troutman and Joel Kowalski surfing some insanely massive waves in Eastern Canada. Check out the monstrous wave at the end of the video.