Cumec Magazine - Australia and New Zealands Kayaking Magazine


Antz Longman - Editor & Publisher of Cumec Magazine

Cumec Magazine is published by EYE4ADVENTURE aka Antz Longman. We bring in the skills and talents of many different people as contributors, designers, photographers and proof-readers. We're lucky to work with some great designers like Dave Kwant (2AT Design) and to have great editorial and photographic contributions from paddlers like Mike Dawson, Josh Neilson, Adrian Kiernan, Lachie Carracher, Anthony Yap, Zak Shaw and Ben Jackson amongst others.


Cumec is a full colour printed and digital kayak magazine that focuses on the New Zealand & Australian Kayaking communities; originally purely whitewater we now cover the diversity of paddlesports with our main editorial focus on Whitewater, Surf & Sea.

Cumec Magazine is about the culture of kayaking; recreationally and competively. It's a magazine for kayakers that live and breath to be on the water and in their kayaks.


Our editorial comes from all over New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world. The magazine is distributed throughout New Zealand and Australia via kayakshops, bookstores, newsagents, petrol stations, trade shows, kayaking events and more. Our little office is based in Alexandra, New Zealand. Which is perfect as we're close to some great rivers for regular sanity paddles.

We're always on the lookout for new locations to distribute Cumec Magazine; if you're in America, France, England, or Laos. Get in touch, we'd love to connect you with a copy. 


Print Issues of Cumec Magazine are now released twice annually in October and February.


Founder and editor Antz Longman had grown tired of searching bookstores and failing to find quality independently produced magazines about kayaking in his own country. After researching the market he found that many others felt the same way. In the Spring/Summer of 2006 the creation of Cumec Magazine had begun.

The aim in 2006 was and continues to be; create a kayak magazine that provides readers with inspiring stories, amazing photos and quality information that were both accessible and inspirational to the local Australian and New Zealand kayaking communities. 

Over the years Cumec Magazine has grown into a resource that brings together the kayak communities of Australia and New Zealand, helping to promote the sport of kayaking and deliver unique and inspiring content to a diverse readership.

But why the name Cumec?

A cumec or cumecs is a colloquial term for the flow of water in a river. One cumec is equal to one cubic metre of water per second (35.3147 cubic feet per second).

Want to know more?

We love to talk to about kayaking with kayakers; whether you want some tips on planning a trip to New Zealand or Australia. Advice on what kayak to buy, or just where to grab a copy of the latest Cumec magazine.