Cumec Magazine - Australia and New Zealands Kayaking Magazine

Cumec Magazine has carved it's own position as the top kayaking magazine for whitewater enthusiasts down under, we've done this by producing a high quality publication that showcases the local paddlers, local events and local destinations  complemented by stellar photography, inspired writing and range of extra features, columns and stories from around the globe.

Our readership is diverse; everyone from the young slalom racer to the grade 5 weekend warrior, or the stereotypical paddle rat living in tent beside the river. We focus in on the individuals and groups shaping our sport, we'll investigate the auxiliary areas that are a key part of the paddle-sport culture; art to music, travel, lifestyle and photography.

We know that print offers something that can't be replicated on screen. Nothing beats feeling the texture, flicking the pages, smelling the ink, and sitting down with your favourite beverage for an afternoon read.That's why Cumec is going to be offering more content that's unique to our print format, making each individual issue an irreplaceable read.

Key information for our print magazines

60+ pages

Perfect Bound

115gsm with 250gsm cover.

Key Dates for Spring 2013 Issue

23rd August - Advertising Bookings Due

30th August - All Material Due (Contributors and Advertisers)

1st Week October - Magazine Released

Key Dates for Summer  2014 Issue

10th January - Advertising Bookings Due

17th January  - All material Due.

Mid February - Magazine Released

Advertising Contacts - 

Antz Longman – Publisher/Editor.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Phone 021 721 770