Boat Reviews // Fluid Nemesis

Fluid NemesisFLUID NEMESIS medium

Tested by Bernard Oliver & Gareth Cox

Nemesis: An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.

Fluid NemesisA name worthy of a kayak that is destined for competition, designed in South Africa by FLUID owner Celliers Kruger and tested by the FLUID team on rivers like the White Nile and the Zambezi.

The Nemesis was beautifully balanced in both the bow and stern; which made flat-water moves a breeze. Transfer these balanced ends into a hole and you will be feeling both comfortable and secure as you throw some big loops (just remember your nose plugs).

Moving downstream the boat was surprisingly fast for its short length, but like most of today’s short butt-bouncing boats you’ll really need to paddle for those catch on the fly waves. The Nemesis snapped in and out of eddies and even held a carve for a short period, something that is fairly uncommon with a lot of the new playboat designs.

Once the boat was on a wave it really stepped upto another level. The wide hull and increased bow/stern rocker made the boat leap up and off the water, leaving you with plenty of time to setup your aerial moves. Or if being in the air isn’t your style the boat loved to spin and moved all over the wave’s face.

FLUID have also spent a lot of time re-thinking their outfitting for 2008, moving the seat ratchets onto the floor (reducing wear on your spray deck) and also raising the surrounding plastic so that the ratchets are harder to break if you stand on them. The boat comes with a big bag of foam to make the footblock that suits your size, and the low lying seat was very comfortable and its length added strength to the hull.

If you’re in the market for a boat that is comfortable, and will allow you to improve your playboating give the Nemesis a try, they are distributed in NZ by PaddlerZone and in Australia by Kayak4Play.

Available in 3 Sizes – Small, Medium and Large
Colours -Orange, Yellow, Red and Pink
Manufacturers Specifications. (Medium)
Length: 187cm
Width: 65cm
Volume: 192 litres
Weight: 14.5kg
Weight Range: 65-95kg