Boat Reviews // Bliss-Stick Specialist

BLISS-STICK Specialist

Bliss-Stick SpecialistThe Specialist is Bliss-Stick’s long awaited advancement on the RAD Series with a new hull & rail design.

In comparison to the RAD series the Specialist seemed a little slow on the face of the wave but really loved locking in a rail allowing for some great edge transitions that resulted in huge ‘Blunts’ and ‘Pan Ams’. The new hull design made the boat spin like a ballerina, and with the increased stern rocker backwards moves were made that little bit easier. In the right hands watch out for some massive ‘Backstabs’ and ‘Pistol Flips’

Currently the Specialist is only available in the 5’9 size, which means that if you’re over 6ft that you may have to wait awhile for the next size to come out. This boat will suit the smaller guys and will be great fun for the ladies. We had several girls take the Specialist out in the surf who all commented on the boat’s ‘bouncability & looseness’.

The Specialist is definitely an entirely different boat to the RAD series and with its new hull design will be one of the boats that continues to push the development of ‘combo moves’ on the wave.

The outfitting was good as per usual with Bliss-Stick, with a foam foot block ready to be shaped to your preference. We used the boat straight off the shelf but all all adjustments are just an Allen key away.

Bliss-Stick have definitely added another great boat to their line up, so head out to your local Bliss-Stick retailer and check one out for yourself.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to test the ‘Specialist’ in a hole, so we can’t comment on its performance with the hole moves.

The Vitals…
Length : 176cm
Width : 66cm
Weight : 15kg
Volume : 175 litres