Quick Interview: Rush Sturges

The name Rush Sturges has become ingrained with kayaking movies since 2002. As a key member of the Young Gun Productions crew (YGP) he has helped to shape a new generation of kayaking movies. New Reign, Dynasty, Source and State of the Art have shown paddling at its best all over the world.

Now as time moves on Rush has started a new production company called ‘River Roots’. Is it going to be more of the same; big names, big waves and big drops? Or will there be a change in tact for Rush’s films.

We tracked Rush down in Ottawa where he’s been working on the Keener Kayak programme and training for the upcoming World Championships in Thun, Switzerland.

CM: In the latest trailer for ‘Dream Result’ you speak of being as innovative as possible with river-running and freestyle. What new moves can we expect to see?

RS: Nothing new as of yet, but we’ve certainly been going a lot bigger… On this recent trip to Iceland I did a kickflip off a high volume 40 ftr which was pretty rowdy… As well a hail mary off 45 ft Celestial Falls earlier in the spring, and I have some big plans for this upcoming trip to Chile…

CM: The style of you movies has started to incorporate more a documentary feel. Why the change in tact?

RS: I think telling a story becomes the natural progression for any film-maker. That being said, I still love kayak porn. I battle with it a little bit because I want to make creative, insightful films, but I also want to keep that core audience of the young ripper who just wants action. I’m searching for a balance in my films, and hopefully that comes across in the final production… I’m really stoked with mine and Tyler Bradt’s newest feature “Africa Revolutions Tour” as it is mostly documentary, but I think it has a fun feel that still gets folks fired up. It’s kind of like the prelude to Dream Result… Buy it at Rev-Inn.com or River-Roots.com

CM: How do you see film representing the culture of kayakers?

RS: Every film represents a different part of the kayaking culture. In my opinion, the best films are the ones that enable you to really be on the trip with those people. To experience the fear and live vacirously through the story. Ultimately, this is a lifestyle, and through film you are able to share that lifestyle with someone who has never sat in a kayak.

CM: When ‘Dream Result’ is released in 2010 it will be your seventh movie in eight years. Are you burning out at all? Or is the passion for filming and editing still as strong as ever?

RS: I’m not editing much right now, i’m training for the world championships, so ask me that question when i’m locked in my basement in January and you might get a different response! However, I would say the passion is STRONGER THEN EVER! Each movie is getting easier for me and having all the creative freedom is sweet… Tyler gives some advice now and then, but overall on the post production fronts Dream Result and Africa Revolutions are my own projects… I’m also really pushing my music as well, and having all original music in the movies is important to me. Unfortunately although that is cool it adds a lot more work in some ways… I’m not burning out on film because it’s not my only outlet. Kayaking is my #1 focus, then my films and music. In time that will change, but right now, the balance is awesome. I want to see kayaking go to hollywood!

CM: Thanks Rush Check out the latest trailer for Dream Result below and visit www.rev-inn.com for more info on Rush & Tyler’s productions.