Twelve Questions – Jonathan Davis

Twelve Questions is back from a wee rest period while we got a new issue of Cumec Magazine edited, designed, and printed. We’re now swinging into action with another round of Twelve Questions; starting with Team Horizonline Canoes paddler Jonathan Davis from Sydney, Australia.

Who are you?
Jonathan Davis, 24 years old and Australian. A former slalom paddler turned river lover (creeking & raft guiding).

Jonathan Davis

Herbert River, Far North Queensland. Photo by: Sean McManamy

What do you do?
Currently I am studying Geology at Macquarie University Sydney. I work summers on the Franklin River, Tasmania. I started rafting on the Franklin River five years ago and I keep going back as it is undoubtedly one of the best multi-day rafting trips in the world.

Where are you based?
Currently in Sydney and Tasmania. Next year I will be moving to Norway.

When did you start kayaking?
Started paddling slalom at the age of 12 for my school kayak team. I moved into creek boating, playboating and rafting once I left school. Rafting allowed me to make money and travel around the world chasing the summer.

Last time you paddled?
This year I was able to get to Norway for the summer of never ending sunshine. Festivals such as Extremesport Veko and Sjoa fest make the month of July an awesome time for any kayaker to be in Norway.

Jonathan Davis

Lower Rauma, Norway / Kayaker: Jonathan Davis Photo by: Elisabeth Mathisen

First Swim?
Barrington River NSW at the age of 12, Grade 1-2.

Last Swim?
2009 – Herbert River, Far North Queensland, Bottom of a 40 footer known as dog leg falls, I swear the deck imploded… haha

Preferred post paddling beverage and food?
Meat Pie and a Beer

What was the first kayak you owned, and what do you currently paddle?
First Creek Boat was a Bliss-Stick Mystic, currently I’ve been paddling a Bliss-Stick Rad 180 on the Zambezi and a Wavesport Diesel in Norway.

My most valued piece of gear is…..
My Rad 180 in Africa, we have been through a lot together.

My favourite river is…

Rafting = Franklin River
Kayaking = Zambezi

The Dream/Ideal mission is….

Source to sea on the Zambezi !

Jonathan Davis

Zambezi River – Victoria Falls, Africa. Photo by; Tony Barnett

Favourite paddler to watch?

I don’t have one, but I have to bite the bullet and say that the Kiwi’s on the world circuit at the moment have it dialed. Confident, smooth and ballsy when required.

What’s right about kayaking?

Worldwide, lifelong friendships

Jonathan Davis

Franklin River, Tasmania Australia. Guide: Jonathan Davis. Photo by; Andrew Pearson

What’s wrong with kayaking?
The lack of money/sponsorship in the sport. A lot of really talented individuals end up paddling less and less as ‘real world work’ becomes a reality. In order to change this we should be aiming to increase exposure of what we do with the general public. This can be done via video, media and holding competitions at accessible locations for spectators.